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Be Kind. Be Positive. And Read!

The Stu Show, Be Kind Be Positive and Read is a unique 40-45-minute interactive, engaging, message-themed performance of original, fun and motivating songs about being KIND, POSITIVE and READING starring songwriter, humorist, sociologist, and ‘Round-The-Clock’ kind and positive person Stuart Jacobson. The school assembly show is intended for K through 5 grades but everyone younger and older will enjoy too, including the parents. Stu has appeared throughout the country performing at schools, libraries and kid’s festivals.

Stuart Jacobson, AKA Stu is a professional speaker, humorist, songwriter and sociologist. He has dedicated his life to researching, investigating and studying human charm, charisma, appeal and success. His purpose was simple… Why are some people ‘LIKED’ more than others? He then took his findings: studied them! scrutinized them! analyzed them! dissected them! questioned them! and debated them! Jacobson found that successful social interaction is NOT complicated! In fact, it’s quite simple! And he’d love to share his findings with your young audience.

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Be Kind.

Being kind to every person and animal we meet helps make the world a better place

Be Positive.

Spreading positivity helps spread more positivity! Being positive allows you to be the best YOU you can be!

And Read!

Do you like the know things? Stu likes to know things! Learning starts with reading. Spread the word, read a book!