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Be Kind. Be Positive. And Read!

Low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence are serious issues which can have significant long-term effects on a child’s life. Everyone wants to be liked, but it’s how you go about it that ultimately determines someone’s likability. I want this 40-minute interactive performance to serve as a guide for kids to learn how they can make the right choices and be liked by everyone.

America’s #1 Superhero Instructor Stuart Jacobson travels throughout America performing his motivational children’s show, Be Kind Be Positive and Read, at schools, libraries and festivals. Stu teaches three simple rules for becoming a successful superhero: Be Kind Be Positive and Read.

Stu is a speaker, author, musician, songwriter and sociologist. He has dedicated his life to researching, investigating and studying human charm, charisma, appeal and success. His purpose has been clear. Why are some people LIKED more than others? Stuart has taken his findings and studied them, scrutinized them, analyzed them, dissected them, questioned them and debated them. He found that successful social interaction is NOT complicated. In fact, it is quite simple. Stuart loves to share his findings with both young and old audiences alike.

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Be Kind.

Kid’s who are  KIND are admired!

Be Positive.

Kids who are POSITIVE achieve their goals!

And Read!

Kids who READ are cool!